Midwest Ministers' Fellowship


The Midwest Ministers’ Fellowship hosts a variety of events throughout the year, but there are three kinds that are ongoing:

The Retreat
We begin the year with a Retreat for leaders and spouses. There are plenty of great conferences that focus on building and growing. But sometimes we just need to catch a breath. The Retreat is an opportunity to rest and be refreshed, encouraged, and ministered to, all in a relational context. We do this together with times of worship and teaching from other leaders with a heart to build up pastors.
The Benefit Golf Tournament
In May of each year we host one of the area’s most enjoyable golf tournaments! Anyone can play, and with an amazing amount of prizes, anyone can win! It’s a great time of fellowship and fun for our community, and the money raised helps fund the ministry of the MMF.
City-Wide Gatherings
Several times a year the MMF hosts a local meeting, geared primarily for pastors and those in full-time ministry. The focus is on building up those who serve–healthy pastors lead healthy churches! These gatherings are usually on a Tuesday morning and include corporate worship, teaching, and a complimentary luncheon.


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