Midwest Ministers' Fellowship

About Us

About Us

Connecting and strengthening ministry leaders. . .

The Midwest Ministers’ Fellowship is a family of like-vision ministers, pastors, and churches who appreciate the broader unity of the Body of Christ. Nine pastors of independent, non-denominational churches first came together in 1995 to meet for fellowship, sharing, nurturing, encouragement and accountability. From its origin, the MMF has been trans-denominational, growing to nearly 50 members and networking together 100 churches in the Greater Kansas City area. The network includes ministries and churches located in a 200-mile radius of Kansas City. In addition to independent churches, pastors from the Disciples of Christ, Church of the Nazarene, Wesleyan Methodist, Southern Baptist, and Assemblies of God denominations regularly participate in MMF activities.

The offices are located in Faith Covenant Church in Blue Springs, Missouri, where MMF President Howard Cordell, serves as senior pastor. Many of the leadership meetings are held at area churches with appropriate meeting facilities. Most of the other meetings and rallies are held at area restaurants or hotels with meeting and banquet facilities.

Much of the peer ministry takes place one-on-one in restaurants over a meal where pastors can share their heart in an informal setting.

Through its network of member churches, the MMF has provided personnel resources when a church is in need of a specific task or minister (e.g., a fill-in worship leader) in addition to ministers who can fill in with pulpit duties.

Partnership is central to the MMF ministry activities – pastors working together to help one another succeed and churches sharing resources. It is this collaboration that makes the MMF unique.

The MMF partners regularly with the Citywide Prayer Movement and the National Day of Prayer, and other gatherings throughout the city. In addition, seminars and special meetings featuring speakers of national prominence have been joint ventures involving the Greater Kansas City Association of Evangelicals and the MMF

The MMF has experienced phenomenal growth since it was started thirteen years ago. As pastors and their churches catch the vision, the peer ministry has expanded. Through this expansion, more churches have become members. This, in turn, helps sustain the ministry financially.